• Ask A Kessinger!

    Plumper Pumpkin Patch is owned and operated by Jim and Peggy Kessinger.

  • Are you the Plumper Family?

    No, we are not the Plumper family or even the Plumber family. We are the Kessingers.

    We named the farm for bigger, better, plumper pumpkins, not based on our family name.

  • Do you have children?

    Yes, we have five children and three currently attend OSU in Corvallis. We have integrated them into the business; they come home for long weekends and breaks to help out on the family farm so you may see them around helping out.
    The Kessinger Family

  • Is your farm open year round?

    No, we are not. We are open for our Pumpkin Season from the last week of September until Halloween, and we open for our Christmas Tree Season the Friday after Thanksgiving, and stay open until the Sunday before Christmas. However during our off seasons, we still sell our farm fresh meat and some produce. As this is a farm year round, there is usually someone up here working. To pick up or purchase meat or produce during our off season we highly recommend calling or emailing us before heading up to the farm. Our email and phone number can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Are the pony rides and face painting included in my activity wristband?

    No. Pony rides and face painting are not included in our wristband. However, you can use the 2 tickets that come with your wristband towards the 6 ticket admission required for a ponyride. Our face painters accept cash or card.

  • Does your farm accept cash, check or card?

    We happily accept all three of those options, however for card payment we do have a $5 minimum purchase. We also have an ATM on the premises.

  • What is your pet's name?

    Our white and orange cat’s name is Handsome, and he sure does hold true to his name! We rescued Handsome a few years back and he has been growing plumper up here on our farm ever since.

    We love our pets SO much!

  • How long have you lived here?

    We’ve lived here since 1993 and we’ve had the Pumpkin Patch open since 1998.

    In other words, since Jim looked like this:

    I can’t believe we grew pumpkins in our front yard the first year!

  • How many acres do you own?

    We own approximately 65 acres. The house is in the center of the property and the land extends up past the second oak tree to the north and into the large forested area to the west.

  • Why are the pumpkins more expensive on the farm than in the stores? It’s pretty cheap to grow pumpkins, right?

    Well, yes the seeds are inexpensive, but the cost of fertilizer, irrigation and labor for cultivation adds up quickly. Also, there are additional expenses required for allowing the public to come onto our property like insurance, etc. Stores often sell seasonal items like pumpkins at below cost to draw people into their stores for other items.

  • What is it with this sticker fee? Why must adults pay, too?

    With five children, we often go to the zoo and children’s movies and pay to participate with them in fun activities. This is intended to be a family time and hopefully the adults get enjoyment out of the experience, too.

    We found that we were not able to cover the cost of the hay mazes, animal feed, tractor fuel and maintenance. Though it was a difficult decision, we decided that in an effort to be able to offer these activities, we needed to find a way to cover the costs directly.

  • What do you do with the pumpkins after the season is over?

    We take a couple truck loads to the Oregon food bank. We feed pumpkins to some of our animals and then plow the rest under and put a cover crop on the ground to keep it from eroding.