Farm Fresh Meat

We have seasonally available beef, pork, chicken and turkey. All of our cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys are pastured in a low density environment, without the use of hormones and antibiotics. And, of course, they taste delicious!

Our farm fresh meat is processed in a licensed facility and custom cut, processed and packed to your order.

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Farm Fresh Beef

Our cows are pastured outside and fed grass and premium feed. No hormones or antibiotics are used. We sell our farm fresh beef once or twice a year in quarters, halves and wholes. Average weight is around 500 lbs.

SOLD BY HANGING WEIGHT: $3.50/LB, does not include cutting and wrapping, this will be paid direct to the butcher. Actual package weight will be about 50-60% of hanging weight.

Farm Fresh Pork

Our pigs are pastured outdoors in a low stress environment and fed local produce and premium feed. No hormones or antibiotics are used. We sell our farm fresh pork twice a year in halves and wholes. Average weigh in of our hogs is around 250 lbs; hanging wight is app. 60% of wieght.


Farm fresh Chicken & Turkey

Our turkeys are raised in outdoor pens. They eat a premium feed; no hormones or antibiotics are used.

The chickens are pastured in moveable pens where they get to safely roam and eat as much fresh pasture forage as they want. They are fed a high quality diet and no hormones or antibiotics are used.


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What's Currently Available?

Updated as of 07-25-2018

Currently selling portions for early to mid September delivery. Whole, half or quarter cow $5.00/pound hanging weight.

Currently selling portions for early to mid September delivery. $4.75/pound hanging weight. Whole or half

Available in late August 2018. Price: $4.50 per pound which includes the processing fee. Chickens are 4 to 6 pounds each. Chicken feet currently available for $3.00 per pound.

We are taking reservations for our 2018 turkeys. $4.50/pound. Weight ranges from 14 to 22 pounds each.

To place your order call or email us today at 503-645-9561,

How Does Buying Farm Fresh Meat Work?

First, check your email! We send out newsletters to folks on our meat order list when we are getting ready to take the meat in for processing. This is when you make a reservation. Next, our office will contact you and take the custom cutting instructions for your order, it is rather easy, and we are here to walk you through the process in the chance you have not done this sort of thing before. Then the meat “goes to market” for processing and when it is ready, our office contacts you again and you come to the farm to pick up and pay for your meat.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It is!

One last thing to note is that our beef and pork are sold by hanging weight. Hanging weight is a term that describes the weight of a side of beef or pork as it hangs up in a meat cooler with the useable cuts intact. As it is processed, fat and bone are removed so the weight of the meat you receive is actually less than the hanging weight. Our cows and hogs generally retain 55%- 75% of their weight.