Weekend Cannons

Watch the pumpkins fly!

It's A Beautiful Day To Shoot Our Cannons!

Our machines: Check Out These Pumpkin Cannons!

We fire up the cannons on weekends during Fall season

The Pumpkin Cannons
We have two different pumpkin cannons. They are both run on hydraulics and can shoot a pumpkin up to 400 feet away!
Introducing Our Newest Addition: The Pumpkin Popper!

The Corn Cannons
The corn cannons are another farm built toy for you to enjoy. Shoot corn on the cob out into our field with these hand directed cannons. Our staff will load up the cannon for you, but you get to do all the aiming and firing that you desire! We have even put some old cars and targets out in the field for you to aim at!

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Are you up for the challenge?

Here is a great video of all of our cannons: