The farm is a great place for a party!

Birthdays and Events

Our party rooms are a terrific place to rent and hold your next birthday party or event. They give you space to decorate, and use as a “home base” for your group as they play on the farm.

What you need to know: Decorated Greenhouse

Party Minimum

With the rental of a party space we require that a minimum of $150 be spent on the party at the farm. During our harvest season the rental deposit, party wristbands, attractions, produce and food will be applied towards the party minimum.

Rental Times

We rent out our event spaces on a time schedule.
10 AM – 12 PM
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
3 PM – 5 PM

This allows each party organizer to spend 15 minutes before the party starts getting ready, and 15 minutes after the party is over to clean up. This means that if you rent a space from 10 AM – 12 PM, you can arrive as early as 9:45 to decorate, and you have until 12:15 PM to clean up and leave the space as you found it.

Party Rentals

Green Houses Vs. Hoop Houses

We have 2 different styles for our rustic party rooms: Green Houses and Hoop Houses.

The Green Houses are $50 for 2 hours of fun! There is electricity in these spaces, people like to plug in stereos for music, and sometimes crock pots for warm food. These buildings are also fully enclosed, so they stay a little warmer than the temperature outside. There are tables along the back side, for placing food and drink, or presents. For seating there are 3-4 picnic tables, and bales of hay around the perimeter of the building.

The Hoop Houses are $50 for 2 hours of partying! There is not electricity in these buildings; however we can bring electricity into the Large Hoop House, if requested. They are also not fully enclosed, they are open on one end. This means they stay the same temperature as outside, and can get a little damp in the fall rain. These buildings are a little larger than the Green Houses, so they have 4-6 picnic tables for seating, as well as bales of hay. We always include a table for food and gifts.

Please note: We decorate the Green Houses and Hoop Houses very lightly with fall decor (pumpkins and cornstalks), so they are the perfect backdrop for however you feel like decorating. We recommend bringing table clothes, please inquire about table sizes upon booking with us.


We require a $50 deposit upon reserving your space. Your deposit will be applied to your party total. This deposit is non-refundable, however if you cancel one week (7 days) before your event, we will apply your deposit towards a future event or purchases made at the farm.

Food and Drink Policy

You are allowed to bring whatever food and non-alcoholic drinks you would like. During our harvest season we also offer catering from the farm kitchen. Popular choices are Plumper’s own brats, BBQ pulled turkey, roasted corn, pumpkin curry soup, kettle corn, pumpkin bread, hot or cold fresh apple cider (in sippers too!), caramel apples, and much more!

We accept cash, check or card and have an ATM machine located on site.

Special Party Admission Available

Party Wristband

Have your next event at Plumper!

Book your party using our new online booking system!!!

If you have any questions please contact our event coordinator Bekki at 503-645-9561.